"Taking a hands on approach to treatment using evidence based and integrative techniques"

Why is Musculoskeletal Therapy right for you?

Musculoskeletal Therapy is a highly advanced field of assessment and management of pain and movement dysfunction, treating a wide range of conditions. Treatments take a holistic approach assessing and treating joints, muscles, nerves, brain and ranges of motion for short and long-term pain and injury. Treatments may also be used in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions. Musculoskeletal Therapy aims to treat the underlying cause and identify and eliminate contributing factors. It is also a branch of Functional Medicine and uses evidence based and modern medicine techniques to achieve the best results in the lease amount of time. Musculoskeletal Therapy uses highly advances techniques such a nerve manipulation, joint manipulation, dry needling, electro dry needling, transcutaneous Vagus nerve stimulation, Photobiomodulation and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy a highly effective treatment technique. Soft tissue work is also utilised when needed and may involve myofascial cupping.



"Nearly a year on from my ACL rupture, 2 surgeries, countless physio sessions and ongoing pain in my knee, a friend referred me to Sam. In three short weeks, not only is the pain drastically decreased, but he's addressed the cause of the ongoing problems. I played tennis the other day - something that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago. Thank you Sam! I'm totally impressed, not just by your knowledge, but by your passion and dedication to getting a great result."

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50 Plus Fitter is Australia’s only senior specific gymnastics club with a focus on strength, balance flexibility and coordination. Our aim is to provide a preventative movement program for those 50 years and over in a fun and safe environment.

City Cave is holistic health centre, which uses Float therapy, Infrared Saunas and various allied Health services from some of the most knowledgable Health professionals. All the health professionals all share a passion fro healtrh and wellbeing and have a strong sense of patient care. Their . goal is to bring health to communities around Australia.

Weight Management Revolution’s #noweekchallenge purpose is to help people transform their lives – mind, body and spirit.

With a main focus on self-love, mindset and re-training our thoughts towards everything we have ever known about weight loss, the #noweekchallenge is a movement that will help transcend your life into extreme results and falling in love with who you are all over again.

The Weight Management Revolution created the #noweekchallenge movement to help women around the globe see forever results, and keep them.

Emma L Baker 

Founder - Weight Management Revolution