Samuel working at the World Table Tennis Championships


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Meet Sam (Director of Recuperate)


Sam's passion began as an exercise specialist in 2012 moving into sports medicine where he worked with a large variety of elite sporting athletes. Years of clinical experience treating countless conditions has given him the ability to fully address his patient’s issues. He has been running his practice specializing in Musculoskeletal Therapy for a number of years and takes a holistic approach to assessing and treating every presenting issue thoroughly and effectively.


Recently Samuel has returned from the World Table Tennis Championship where he was the Myotherapist for the World's best athletes, working with an array of different Olympians. He has previously treated a Commonwealth Games swimmer and worked with members of the Australian field hockey masters team.

A lot of the time when people present with issues and there is no direct mechanism of injury it can be brought back to the spine and its interaction on neurovascular and neuromuscular structures.


Sam is also one of very few practitioners who uses non-invasive transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation, a modern medicine technique which sees him commonly treating depression, anxiety, neuroplasticity, inflammatory disorders, irregular heartbeats, memory, PTSD, reflux and much more. Sam is also 1 of very few experts in his field to be trained in Photobiomodulation (PBMt), an exciting field of modern medicine which can regenerates tissue. This laser can also be used on the brain to treat various mood and traumatic brain injuries. Laser has a profound effect of pain and recovery time and is also being utilised by the USA olympic teams.


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is also a very exciting field of musculoskeletal medicine which can restart the repair process, break calcification in tendons, restructure scar tissue and reduce cellulite significantly. Luckily this is available in home on the Gold Coast via his mobile service.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) | Diploma of Fitness | Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach | Certificate 3 of Sports Training | Advanced First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation | Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy | Photobiomodulation Therapy | Vagus Nerve Stimulation Practitioner (level 2) | Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

For the current list of providers that are covered on HICAPS under Myotherapy follow this link


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sam for a number of years and he never fails to deliver! I had come to the conclusion that I would be living with aches and pains for the rest of my life, yet after 1 session, I have more mobility and practically no pain, even after helping someone more house.
I cannot wait to go back to see the results of further treatment!"

"An excellent service that sorted me right out. Went in with pains in my back and left not only feeling much better, but with the knowledge of what cause the pain! Clean, affordable and professional. Many thanks to Recuperate Health for getting me back on my feet"

"As a yoga teacher, I need to have my body in peak physical condition in order to instruct my classes. I have been to many practitioners, however, none have been as effective or efficient in treating any injuries or imbalances that I have had as Samuel Minkin. I wouldn't trust the health of my body with any other manual therapist"

"I've only seen Sam Once so far and the difference has been amazing. Not only do I feel better but I'm learning so much along the way. Sam's approach to treating the body and finding the cause of the problem is refreshing"

"I came to Sam with problems with my tendons in my forearm, after 1 session I've got no pain and full movement in my wrist again"

"Visited Sam just this morning and I already feel 10X better. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, yet he explains what he is doing in an easy to understand way. I was impressed with the variety of techniques he used, both manual adjustments and electro-needling when required. I feel the source of my aches and pains has been addressed, not just the symptoms!!"

"I could not suggest Recuperate Health and Wellbeing enough. I feel like my life has changed from a negative to a positive after I began my treatments with Sam. I have been suffering from TMJ disorder ( my jaw doesn't sit on the base of my skull correctly) 
Sam has a great attitude towards healthcare and is very down to earth. I was a little nervous to get treatment but Sam managed too take care of my needs. Great work..."

"I recently went to see Sam due to some back and neck injuries after an accident 3 months ago. After going to the doctor's several times to help with reduced flexibility and movement since the incident, doctors still couldn't tell me what was wrong. Sam on the other hand found the problem in my neck and back within the first consultation, and with one session already I had instant improvement in my flexibility and movement. I highly recommend seeing Sam as he has not only helped my body recover, but started helping me deal with the mental trauma and anxiety caused by this incident. Sam is passionate and determined to help improve ones quality of life. Thank you Sam!"

"I have been seeing Samuel for around 2 months after a back operation and still have problems, he is slowly getting my head back to normal with treating my Vegas nerve stimulation, he has also treated a few other people I know and all are very happy with the treatment he supplies. This is one man that knows his stuff"

"I've never met anyone with such passion and knowledge for helping people. What a champ you are Sam. Thank you for helping to limit my shoulder pain and maintain my strength so I can climb higher and hit harder"

"Nearly a year on from my ACL rupture, 2 surgeries, countless physio sessions and ongoing pain in my knee, a friend referred me to Sam. In three short weeks, not only is the pain drastically decreased, but he's addressed the cause of the ongoing problems. I played tennis the other day - something that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago. Thank you Sam! I'm totally impressed, not just by your knowledge, but by your passion and dedication to getting a great result."

"His devotion and determination to helping the patient is of high standard. Not many people have the enthusiasm and drive he does, this alone can be so valuable in healing. That, mixed with his expertise... very grateful for what he's done to help my overall condition. Will continue to visit for maintenance and refer others for their need of physical treatment"

"I've been going to Sam for over a year now to address back injuries from a younger age. I've tried every treatment thinkable and not one has given any sort of relief for more than a few hours, until I started receiving treatments from Sam.
I've been to Sam in states where I was unable to stand let alone walk. The professionalism and knowledge that he produced was second to none, taking his time to explain what the issues were, why they were occurring and what needed to be addressed for me to prevent those injuries, not to mention the work he put into me in every session. He works tirelessly, putting all his knowledge and skills to work to the point I have walked out comfortably and pain free after every session. 
I have and will continue to recommend Sam to anyone and everyone. 

"Sam's professionalism is some of the best in the business.. highly recommended"