Vagus Nerve Stimulator for Home

After a Zoom consultation from a qualified Vagus Nerve clinician (Sam) a treatment plan will be put in place to address your needs. Currently Sam is successfully treating patient via this method throughout the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

The Vagus Nerve device comes pre-programed with tailored treatment protocols backed by current research. Electrical stimulation is done on the ears in a particular region innervated by the Auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve. 

Things that can be treated with Trans-auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation:

Migraine                      Chronic Pain

Reflux                           Atrial Fibrillation

Allergy                          Autoimmune Disease

Epilepsy                       Behavioural Issues (e.g. autism)

GIT Complaints         Digestion

Depression (MDD)    Crohn's Disease

Psoriasis                     Anxiety/stress

Working Memory     Blood Brain Barrier

Cerebral Palsy           Inflammatory Disorders

PTSD.                            Chronic Respiratory conditions
Asthma                        SIBO
Neuroplasticity via BDNF
(stroke, rehabilitation)

The device is easy to use and there is continual help available through Zoom consultation. The device features charging capability and a backlight for use in bed or dark environments.
The small design is for use when performing tasks or pairing treatment with task such as eating, walking, graded exposure therapy in PTSD.

Sam can work in conjunction with your health professional and currently assists psychologist, integrative doctors and GPs. This service is available world wide.

Contact for enquiries:
+61421199894  (WhatsApp)


Vagus Nerve Stimulator $300 AUD
Zoom Consultation $110 AUD
10 pack $900 AUD (chronic conditions)
5 pack $495 AUD 

Bundle (recommended):
Initial consultation (Zoom)
Vagus Nerve Stimulator
4x Follow up Consultations (Zoom)

$730 AUD (SAVE $120)