Stress and Your Body

Have you found that your stress seems to throw your whole body out? You have trouble sleeping, thinking, feeling tired and even feel your allergies get worse?

Well you’re not going crazy and there can be a very simple explanation for this!!

Your Vagus nerve is a massive nerve to links nearly all of your organs and brain, allowing them to communicate to one another. So why is this nerve so important? Well the Vagus nerve is actually your main parasympathetic nerve. When you are in a parasympathetic state you are able to REST, DIGEST, HEAL RECOVER AND RELAX. This means that being stressed or in a sympathetic state, fight or flight turns off the Vagus nerve. Prolonged stress can rewrite the functioning of this nerve and we can see a variety of symptoms. Recent treatment techniques such as Vagus nerve stimulation which is offered at Recuperate Health can greatly improve and recover the Vagus nerves function and the function of the bodies systems.

The good news is Vagus nerve stimulation is non- invasive, has no side effects and at most feels like your ears are vibrating. The therapy is a modern medicine technique and has an ever-growing body of evidence both in medical and research journals and results I have seen firsthand.

As we are coming out of winter some of us have had the winter blues or are prone to seasonal hay fever? Well this is perfect for you. Not only can this help improve your mood but has been shown in research studies to treat major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD and brain fog. Along with allergies and irritable bowel disorder.

This is for a few reasons such as the Vagus nerve regulating Histamine in the duodenum. When you have mild allergies, you take an antihistamine to relieve those symptoms.

A lot of our recovery both physically and mentally occurs when we are in a parasympathetic state and in deep sleep. Quality of sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Stress results in high cortisol, when you have high cortisol you cannot make it into a deep restorative sleep, that’s if you can even get to sleep or stay asleep at all. Interesting fact the Vagus nerve regulates cortisol and inflammation systemically.

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